Instrumental from Russia, Zabaykalsky Krai, Chita

Tags  new age  darkwave  neo-classical  forest  ambient  folk  instrumental 

Darkstroll – instrumental music from Siberia in the style of new age, classical, darkwave.


St. Oizin - all music.


Darkstroll project was established in the spring of 2005 and on July 6, 2005 was released the first 3-track demo Frozen Forest. Two years later, December 22, 2007, was released 5-track EP, At the Silent Halls. 5 years the project was on hold. In the spring of 2013 was detected activity of Darkstroll listeners in social networks, which is why it was decided to publish something. June 28, 2013 was released 2-track mini-album, Radiant Valse. Dungeon Lore Foundation label offered to publish a collection of all 10 Darkstroll tracks until 2013 and on August 17, 2013 it was released under the title Sounds of Taiga.


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